Children of the Silicon God

Reggie Armitage rushes through a downpour to welcome David, her lover, home, but, instead of a smile and a kiss, he gives her an indifferent glance and claims that he doesn’t have a clue who she is.


(This book is not yet published)

According to David, a celebrated author, educator, and economic advisor to the President, Reggie is a lunatic. Known to have a history of drug addiction Reggie finds that no one is ready to believe that she could ever have had a relationship with the esteemed scholar.

Reggie, a graduate music student enrolled in the University where David teaches, believes that she is deeply in love with him and cannot accept the implication that she is delusional.

“Why doesn’t he recognize me?” she asks herself over and over. “Could David Christopher be an imposter? Or am I, as he claims, an obsessed stalker?”

Haunted by fears that something from her dark past may have, indeed, severed her connection with reality, Reggie searches for the truth. However, with every step she takes closer to solving the mystery of David, more chaos descends on her life—orchestrated by a faceless, cyber entity apparently intent on protecting David from her.

She soon ceases to ask why, but now asks who? Who is David Christopher? Is he somehow connected with the people who are creating chaos in her life? Who are they and who is David to them?

What begins as a simple lover’s quarrel turns into a cross-country odyssey in search of David’s identity. The answer she finds, though, exceeds the horror of her worst nightmares and threatens the very existence of humanity.

Here’s a Little Teaser for You

If you were Reggie:

  • What if the person you love returned from a trip and didn’t know you?
  • What if you discovered that someone hiding in the digital world was altering your records, stripping away everything you have and love and you couldn’t stop it?
  • What if you discovered that a beloved friend is, in fact, your deadliest enemy?
  • What if no one believed you?

If you were David Christopher:

  • What would you do if some young woman you don’t recognize kept following you around and insisting that the two of you are lovers?
  • What if you learned that, via a hidden implant, someone had been observing your every move for years?
  • What if you found out that the childhood you remember never happened?
  • Can a man be afraid of himself?