The Pink Place

The Star-Fighters learn of a mysterious girl who is locked up in a mansion the kids call the “pink palace.” The palace is very grand but also strange. The shelves, tables and cabinets are covered with glass figures and there are no mirrors.
The girl is never allowed to leave the house and doesn’t go to school. Beamer delivers her homework to her house but has never seen her. Her name is Alana.

Beamer, Scilla and Ghoulie help Alana escape from her Pink Palace. They take her up to their tree house. She’s disappointed at the wreck that only barely looks like a spaceship. But she soon learns that it is much more than a tree house and even more than a spaceship.


But then disaster strikes

Alana enters the tree ship and…disappears.
The star-fighters are baffled and worried. They know that their tree ship could have taken her anywhere in the universe. How will they ever find her?

Be Prepared for a Wacky Adventure!

The Star-fighters warp off to a pink planet, encounter subterranean civilizations and a monstrous spider only to finally find themselves in a modern day Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. It is in that laboratory that the Star-Fighters discover a dark and deadly secret.



The Star Fighters Are Stalked By Molgotha

Molgotha is a monstrous spider. She is very old-
older than any living person–and as big as a bear.


Mad scientist laboratory

Alana’s father is a famous scientist and works at a high tech medical company. But he has a hidden laboratory in the attic of his mansion and the experiments there are top secret. Alana’s life may depend upon whether the Star-Fighters can discover what those secret experiments are all about.


Dome Cities On A Far-Away Moon