Star-Fighters Beamer, Ghoulie, and Scilla follow a strange clanking sound in a cave labyrinth beneath Murphy Street and stumble onto a screaming one-eyed monster.


Giant Spider Bot


The monster, which they later discover to be a cyclops machine, chases them into a huge cavern which contains a fully-functioning miniature world.


But when a terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex appears trampling and crushing the tiny inhabitants, they barely escape with their lives.

They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere! Tiny Spiderbots dissecting our ship.

But Who Made This Incredible Miniature World And Why?

And So Begins Another Wild Star-Fighter Adventure

The star-fighters soon find themselves on a wild quest through snow covered wonderlands, far-off worlds, cities made of ice, a massive abandoned space platform and a palatial mansion within a wintry jungle that hides a terrible secret.