Books are Magical

Filling Life With Wonder


The Scary Attic

Beamer’s new house was very weird. The first day Beamer found his sister, the oldest of the three Maclntyre kids, at the top of the attic stairway, frozen in fear. Towering before her was something that shouldn’t have been there – shouldn’t have been anywhere!


Insect Attack

Ghoulie and Scilla finally convinced Beamer to check out the tree house. It was not an easy climb. The closer they came to the treehouse, the more the tree seemed to be disturbed. Insect noises and the wind grew into a nightmarish whirlwind of sight and sound.


There’s a Spaceship in My Tree


The Haunted Treeship

Scilla,the girl next door,who usually wore commando fatigues,told him that the tree house wasn’t a house but a space ship. Beamer didn’t believe her. She also said that the tree house was haunted.



Beamer made a big mistake his first day at school. He accidentally rescued the class nerd, GHOULIE, by accidentally wrapping a tether ball around the school bully, JARED.

Jared the Bully


The Tree with the Treeship

Dad showed us kids a tree house in our new backyard. Maybe if it had been digital or had a graphics card, that might have made a difference, but Beamer complained about the “stupid tree house” and every other “stupid” thing about the “stupid move” until he was sent to his “stupid” bed. He refused to have anything to do with the treehouse.


Warp Speed

The treehouse did sort of look like a spaceship, but it was a total wreck: torn wooden panels, a door off its hinges and painted instrument panels. Light speed was not on its speedometer. But then they felt an earthquake and the Star-Fighter adventures began.


The Battle in the tree

Finally Jared and his Skullcross gang decided to put an end to the “Star-Fighters”. Planning to tear down what the kids now called their treeship, they invaded the tree. Fearing an attack, the Star-Fighter had rigged the tree with all kinds of incredible booby traps. It was going to be a battle for the ages!