“Moon of Saturn” courtesy of the artist, QAuz”

Introducing the Star-Fighters of Murphy Street: three unlikely young heroes bound for some of the zaniest escapades you can imagine—adventures that hurl them not only into the wacky environments of Murphy Street, but to abandoned space platforms, worlds on the verge of exploding and planets where magic has run amok. Along with disgusting creatures who might be anxious to slurp tasty human corpuscles, you’ll meet the strange inhabitants of ice palaces, honeycomb villages, and floating cities. Join in adventures where all that is fun, funny and fantastic vie with mystery and the miraculous to take your breath away.



Beamer, the Alien

This is Beamer age 13. He’s an alien. No, he doesn’t have fish eyes or antennae or breathe methane—well, laughing gas maybe—but he’s still an alien. You see, he’s just been exiled from California to Middle America—to a bizarre, ancient house on a mysterious street in a city that may or may not be on any map.



The Skullcross Gang

A day in the Toilet

Ya’ see, I was alone in the school restroom when the door opened and I heard somebody laugh. I recognized the laugh right away. It belonged to a guy named Jared who happened to be the middle school matter-disintegrator. The heroic dreamer in me wanted to stand up to the guy. Hey, I wasn’t half bad for a seventh-grader! The non-dreamer part of me, though, wasn’t that stupid. He was an eighth-grader and had me by six inches and about thirty pounds. That’s not including the fact that there were three of them and only one of me! They called themselves the Skullcross Gang. One heartbeat later, I was hiding in the handicap stall, perched on top of the toilet seat.

crashing-starship3-copyTreeship Crashing

With the help of a nerdy African-American kid named Ghoulie, a gangly tomboy named Scilla, and a broken down tree house capable of bridging all the boundaries of time and space, Beamer tangles with the indigenous life forms of subterranean caverns, dark forests, strange houses, and a spider web the size of an 18 wheeler in what must be the world’s most bizarre neighborhood


Mrs. Parker’s Haunted House

Beamer  soon discovers that the familiar, the everyday on Murphy Street is far from ordinary, for everything is on the edge of fantasy, pushing the boundaries of science and imagination, with people and places mysterious, wonderful and often delightfully terrifying.