Robert has been many things in his life

  • A university professor, an actor, a theater director, a stage designer
  • An Associate Producer/Director of Development/Story Editor for several feature films
  • His first love, however, has always been writing
A versatile writer

His credits range from biographies, historical fiction, mysteries and science fiction for adults to adventure/fantasy novels for kids. In addition to introducing you to exciting stories you can read today, this site will offer you an exclusive taste of further adventures that are coming soon.

Robert always provides readers with a vivid sense of the world in which his stories are set. His biography of Saint Francis studies the mind and faith of an extraordinary human being and portrays a world eight centuries in the past. In contrast, The Star-Fighters of Murphy Street trilogy encompasses a universe of worlds beyond imagination.

Saint Francis

No one is born a saint. For the first twenty-five years of his life, Francis di Bernadone was a shallow, self- indulgent youth who partied endlessly, ever bragging about the fame and glory he expected to gain as a knight.

  • There’s a Spaceship in my Tree

    Three unlikely young heroes find a broken down treehouse.It turns out to be a spaceship that can hurl them to fun adventures on space platforms and planets with ice palaces, honeycomb villages, and floating cities.

  • Attack of The Spider Bots

    Star-Fighters Beamer, Ghoulie, and Scilla follow a strange clanking sound in a cave labyrinth beneath Murphy Street and stumble onto a screaming one-eyed monster. It chases them into a huge cavern which contains a fully-functioning miniature world

  • Escape from The Drooling Octopod

    A wacky adventure takes the Star-fighters to a pink planet and through subterranean civilizations into a modern day Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. It is there that the Star-Fighters discover a dark and deadly secret.

  • The Star-Fighters of Murphy Street

Mystery (An Echo in the Wind)

Two mysteries. Two women. 150 years apart. The disappearance of an heiress in Charleston, SC provokes an all-out search for the missing girl. An FBI agent, forced to retire, searches for a killer whom he knows will stop at nothing...

Historical Fiction (Broken Empire)

During a winter storm, a long column of warriors fills Jerusalem’s great eastern courtyard with the wounded and dying. The battle lost, Damascus has fallen to the enemies of Israel. In the midst of this chaos, an ancient man prophesies...

Science Fiction (Children of the Silicon God)

What if the person you love returns from a trip and doesn’t know you? What if no one believes he ever knew you? What if, as you try to learn what happened to him, a faceless, cyber entity begins stripping...